Bubble Soccer – A Bouncy New Sport

Welcome back for 2014!!

Sometimes the equipment makes the game. That’s the case with Bubble Soccer, a new soccer variation in which players wear inflatable bubble-wrap balls. It turns them into giant, bouncy sumo wrestlers. Aside from the no-contact rule (contact is actually encouraged), the regular rules of soccer apply.

Here’s a video of a bubble soccer game.

And here’s how to celebrate a goal.

You can see more Bubble Soccer videos from the Bubble Soccer Australia website. Just click the Watch More button:

Invented in Denmark, the Bubble Suits aren’t cheap – originally called BumperZ, a package of 12 suits will cost you about $4600 (according to the Bubble Soccer Australia sites. http://www.bubblesoccer.com.au/products/ or the European distributor: http://www.funballz.com/products/inflatable-bumperz-bodyzorbing

There are some Chinese manufacturers that can purportedly provide cheaper suits, but that’s buyer beware:

I hope 2014 turns out to be an amazing year for you!


Dick Moss, Editor,
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