Footprint Tag Takes
Advantage of Snowy School Yards

Well, much of the upper U.S. and ALL of Canada are currently under a blanket of snow..and I’ve heard it’s not much better for our European readers.

While the snow does present challenges to teachers, it also presents some amazing opportunities to have fun during recess and physical education classes. For example, how many times do you get to engage in activity in which you are cushioned every time you fall down?

Here’s a game that you can use in PE class that takes advantage of a unique property of snow – the fact that walking or running in snow leaves footprints.

The game is called Footprint Tag. While the kids shown in the video are pre-school age, you can use it with almost any age of student.

Have fun. If you can’t beat Old Man Winter….have fun with him!




Dick Moss, Editor,

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