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The international soccer Association (FIFA) has developed a warmup program for both male and female athletes age 14 years and older that can dramatically reduce injuries in your athletes. While the program has been specifically designed for soccer, it can be adapted for other field sports.

Called the 11+ warm-up program, it involves 15 exercises performed in a specific sequence, involving both dynamic and strength exercises. Initially developed and tested in Switzerland, where it was implemented nationwide from 2004 to 2008, its effectiveness has been studied and proven. Teams that perform the 11+ program at least twice a week experienced a 30% to 50% decrease in injuries. You can download the study here.

The program should be used as a regular warm-up before training sessions and also before games. However, before games only the running exercises should be performed.

FIFA 11+ Manual
FIFA 11+ Manual

Warmup Design

The 11+ warm-up program involves 15 exercises performed in three specific phases. The phases are:

  1. Slow-speed running exercises combined with active stretching and controlled partner contact.
  2. Six exercises with a focus on core and leg strength, agility/plyometrics, and balance. There are three levels of difficulty.
  3. Faster running exercises that combine planting and cutting movements.

As previously mentioned, a pregame warm-up will include only Parts 1 and 3, making warmups before games more dynamic and less strength-oriented.

FIFA has provided this resource free of charge. You can download the training manual, scientific studies, posters and reminder cards, free of charge. The website also includes videos that demonstrate each exercise.

To access these downloadable resources and the demonstration videos go to the 11+ website at:


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