New Articles Are Now Free on PE

New Articles Section on the PE Website
New Articles Section on the PE Website

Our companion website, Physical Education, has changed its policy and that’s great news for physical education teachers and coaches.

New articles  (and we add articles regularly) will now be available for FREE for several weeks. After that they’ll be moved to our archives, where they’ll will be available only to paid subscribers.These articles are free, but a membership is a great deal. You get a year of unlimited access to our archives (over 2100 articles, videos & printables) for only $29.95!

Do you just want to download a few articles and don’t want a year-long commitment. No problem, just join for a month for only $4.95.  Take what you need and cancel. You’ll also receive a free coaching charts package and the eBook, Tricks of the Trade for Coaching Basketball. It’s hard to go wrong!

The articles, by the way, have all been selected because they seem more fun and useful than normal. They provide the type of ideas that would get you all enthused at a clinic or workshop.

If you’re wondering what type of content will be available free of charge…we cover 40 different sports and PE topics with an emphasis on practical, fun information. Here’s what’s available right now:

  • Basketball: Four-Second End-Game Play From the Sideline
  • Games: Mukade Kyoso – A Fun Cooperative Game from Japan
  • Badminton: Two Shuttle Down Leadup Game
  • Sport Psychology: Workout Goals Improve Practice Quality
  • Volleyball: Limit Arm Movement When Setting the Volleyball
  • Tennis: The Four-Second Game
  • Wrestling: Shark Bait Game
  • Baseball/Softball: Green Monster Fielding Game
  • Nutrition: The Big Crunch Carrot Activity
  • Resources: Developing Physical Literacy – A Guide for Parents of Children Ages 0-12
  • Health: Nine-Year Old Students Should be Taught CPR
  • Football: Quarterbacks – A Coaching Cue for Better Weight-Shift & Follow-Through

You can check them out by clicking here:

Coming later in the week:

  • Soccer: Obstacle Soccer Game
  • Swimming: Freestyle: Coaching Cues to Prevent Wide Arm Recovery

I hope you find the free articles useful!


Dick Moss, Editor,

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