Playtime in the Snow with Wolf Children: An Animated Film


The holiday season is almost here and since this is my last blog of the year I thought I’d show you this video by acclaimed director, Mamoru Hosoda. It’s an excerpt from his animated film, “Wolf Children,” that won the Audience Award in the New York International Children’s Film Festival and also the Japan Academy Prize for best Animation Film.

For some backstory, the children, who have the ability to transform into wolves, experience their first winter snowfall. They then run and play in the snow, as all children will do if given the chance.

The real fun starts at the 52 second mark of the video. I’m not a huge anime fan, but the soundtrack and scenes in the forest and on the mountain are striking and – whether you’re a wolf pup, a child or an adult PE teacher – truly portray the joy of physical activity in the snow.

Happy holidays!



Dick Moss, Editor,

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