Report Card from 17 Years of Resolutions

Completely by chance, I just read an article I wrote 10 years ago for PE The article dealt with my New Year’s resolutions from the year 1990, and how well I had performed.

I am definitely a pitiful resolution-keeper and in 2007, I find that I’d still get a “D” on my 1990 resolution list. In fact, I may have slipped a bit. For example, I DID look up the word perspicacious, but I’ve since forgotten what it means. And I no longer use a computerized organizer – its “to do” list just kept getting longer and longer and I couldn’t stand the constant beeping and nagging.

So, as 2007 draws to a close, here’s the article I wrote 10 years ago, almost to the day.

“I had been putting it off for years, but I finally tackled the monumental task of weeding through my filing cabinet. It was stuffed to the bursting point with hundreds of the article ideas I’ve stored over the past 10 years.

Strangely, among this mass of paper was a single handwritten note, entitled “New Year’s Resolutions, 1990.”

It was an eye-opener. Here, from many years ago, was a list of my concerns, personal issues and plans for improvement as a human being and an editor. I offer them up to you, along with a report card on my progress.

Be warned, this is not an inspirational story. Don’t ever show it to your children—unless you don’t care whether they ever get their chores or homework finished on time. However, if you have a psychologist friend in need of a grant, this chronicle of woe could be crafted into a great case study on pathological procrastination.

1. To start that weight training program I’ve told myself to start every year since 1986.
[Grade: E]
I still haven’t started that darned program. However, I did purchase a strength training machine six years ago. It makes a lovely plant stand in our den.

2. Learn to type all the numbers on the top row of my computer keyboard without looking.
[Grade: D+]
I’m not bad with “1” and “0,” but I have to peek to get the rest.

3. To actually get organized and schedule my week ahead of time.
[Grade: B]
I’ve purchased a computerized daytimer, that I even sometimes remember to use…mainly because it gets mad and beeps at me when I don’t check it.

4. Learn to spell the word “perspicacious.” Then learn what it means.
[Grade: D]
It’s a neat sounding word. I really should learn to use it.

5. Learn to draw a person’s face.
[Grade: D]
Look at the drawings in this issue’s football, basketball or swimming articles and you’ll see that I still don’t do faces. I just can’t get those darned noses to look right!.

6. Slow down so I can type a whole line without making a mistake.
[Grade: D]
I sure can type fast. I just can’t type straight. I guess I couldn’t seven years ago either.

7. Learn to dribble a basketball with my left hand.
[Grade: C]
In my old geezers basketball games, I’m now able to bring the ball up the court with my left hand. I still don’t use it when anyone’s close to me though].

8. Learn to enjoy watching race-walking, opera and synchronized swimming.
[Grade: D]
I’ve tried. Honest…I have.

My resolutions for the coming year? Apparently, all of the above. Plus, I hereby pledge to stop writing Editor’s Notes at 1:00 am the night before my deadline.”

May your 2008 resolutions be more productive than mine!!


Dick Moss, Editor,

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