The Best Toboggan Hill in the World!

Toboggan-web1I live in Ontario, Canada, about 400 kilometers (250 miles) north of Toronto. Like much of North America (and I hear Europe, as well), we’ve had a nasty, cold, snowy winter.

From my experience, there are two ways you can handle winter. One is to hide and try to avoid it. The other is to get outside and enjoy it. With two dogs, I can’t avoid it, so I’ve chosen to embrace winter. I snowshoe every day while walking the dogs. My wife, who is in her 50’s, sometimes takes the canines to a nearby toboggan hill so they can chase her down the hill.

It’s a good hill, but nothing like the one in this video. Located in Lapland, Finland, it has to be one of the best toboggan hills in the world. Just when you think you’re at the bottom…there’s more!

Hopefully this clip will get you (and possibly your snowbound students) fired up about winter activities. Of course, the real exercise involved with tobogganing – on this hill or any hill – is pulling your toboggan back to the top!



Dick Moss, Editor,

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