The Coaching Copyright Problem

Coaches! We have a copyright problem!

That’s right. Today, when I typed the word “coaching” into Google today, here’s what I found on the first page: 22 references, with only THREE referring to actual sports coaching.

What type of coaching did Google find for me?

Peer Coaching.
Executive Coaching
Business Coaching
Life Coaching
Dating Coaches
Conflict Coaches
Dialogue Coaches

These people used to be called consultants, trainers, instructors, guides  and advisors. But that was until marketing geniuses, acknowledging the sport culture that’s so prevalent in our society, decided that connecting to the term “coach” was a better way to sell their services.

I hate it. First, just try to find information on real sports coaching.  Those websites are hidden amid the 19,000,000 internet references to business coaching.

Plus, it diminishes the term “coach.” When I think of coaches, I envision men or women who work with kids, getting up early in the morning or staying late at night so their young charges can play, and dream and excel in the sport they love. Coaches are mentors, parental figures,  guides and role models. True, there are many professional coaches, but most coaches work for little or no pay, giving of their time because of their love for kids and their love of sport.

These original coaches are a much different breed than the professionals who charge mega-bucks to tell business executives how to run their corporation.

“Coach” is the “catch-phrase of the day” for the business/lifestyle/consulting world. It may eventually be replaced by a newer, more snazzy term. But it will have done its damage to the real coaches out there.

Maybe it’s time to consult a legal coach!


Dick Moss, Editor,

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