Healthy Eating Plate Is a Better Version of MyPlate and the Food Pyramid

The Healthy Eating Plate
Back in June 2011, The U.S. government unveiled the “MyPlate” diagram, intended to give Americans a visual reminder for the proportions of the different components needed for healthy eating. It was an upgrade from the previous MyPyramid diagram that wasn’t... Read more

Ellen’s Dance Dare Shows the Value of Chasing Your Dreams

Ellen's Dance Dare
This topic might seem like a bit of a stretch for a physical education blog, but, well…it does involve a varsity runner, dancing and goal-setting. It’s inspirational. And besides, it’s hilarious. One of my university runners, Jenna Thornber, has, for... Read more

Ball Girl Uses Parkour Skills to Make a Spectacular Catch

On April 25, 2011, we posted a blog about how you can develop parkour skills in your gymnastics unit. Well, here’s video that shows a real-life way to apply those Spiderman-like parkour skills. The video show a ball girl at... Read more

“Get Active” Videos – Keep Kids Active Over the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, a question many parents are asking themselves is, “with the holidays quickly approaching, how can I keep your children active when they are home from school?” It's a good question for physical education teachers too. Read more

How Norman Harris Wrote “He Called on it All”

In our blog posting, “He Called On It All” – A Motivational Video for Track Athletes” I provided a video showing Dave Wottle’s dramatic come-from-behind finish in the 1972 Olympic 800 meter final. The video concludes with a quote by... Read more

Obesity, Hunger, Inactivity and the Search for Hidden Answers

Some interesting questions about our perception of the causes of obesity, hunger and lack of activity. Read more