Pro Soccer Team Takes on 100 Schoolboys

It’s almost time for summer vacation here in North America. Traditionally, I stop posting bi-weekly blogs and newsletters during this period, to avoid sending emails to accounts that won’t be checked until next September. So, I’ll probably send a single... Read more

You Don’t Need The Best Facilities to be the Best Athletes

The World Cup is over and I’m still blown away by what players at that level can do with a soccer ball. But what happens when you combine soccer with Capoeira, the acrobatic martial art from Brazil? Take a look... Read more

Nothing’s Impossible – A Soccer Team Builds Its Own Field in a Floating Village

Here’s a video that has gone viral – it’s based on the true story of a group of boys who lived on a floating village off the coast of Thailand. The boys wanted to play soccer, but had no place... Read more