Pro Soccer Team Takes on 100 Schoolboys

It’s almost time for summer vacation here in North America. Traditionally, I stop posting bi-weekly blogs and newsletters during this period, to avoid sending emails to accounts that won’t be checked until next September.

So, I’ll probably send a single blog at the end of July, but not much else over these summer months.

Here’s a final video that I think you’ll enjoy – especially if you’ve ever coached or taught soccer. It shows a game between a professional soccer team in Japan, against a team of 100 schoolboys. Most look to be senior elementary age – and many are high skilled.

The video is in Japanese, but it’s fun to watch and I really had to laugh when the boys’ coach, with all 100 players huddled around his whiteboard, diagrammed a corner-kick play for his squad. His play? To put 90 of them around the opponent’s net.

Have a great vacation and I hope you come back next September with your batteries recharged and your motivation at a high level!


Dick Moss, Editor,

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