“Get Active” Videos – Keep Kids Active Over the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, a question many parents are asking themselves is, “How can I keep your children active when they are home from school?” It’s a good question for physical education teachers too.

You can help by making your students aware of the following website. it provides a ten-week series of video exercises to correspond with the Get Active! program.

This series was produced by Katina Taylor, Vice President of the Jason Taylor Foundation, in partnership with the Strong Women, Strong Girls program, Strong Women, Strong Girls is a nationally recognized mentoring program dedicated to raising the aspirations and self-esteem of elementary school girls. The program connects girls with college women and puts them on the path from the classroom to the boardroom—or any other path they choose to take. Since the start of the program, 10,000 girls have participated!

But there’s no need to participate on this program to advise your students to use these videos. You can find the video series here:


Here’s the first video in the series:



Dick Moss, Editor,
PE Update.com

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