Ellen’s Dance Dare Shows the Value of Chasing Your Dreams

Ellen's Dance Dare
This topic might seem like a bit of a stretch for a physical education blog, but, well…it does involve a varsity runner, dancing and goal-setting. It’s inspirational. And besides, it’s hilarious. One of my university runners, Jenna Thornber, has, for... Read more

You Don’t Need Innovative Equipment to Be Creative in Physical Education

Do you suffer from a lack of physical education equipment? Are your students always complaining that they can’t perform physical fitness activities because of that lack of equipment? If so, show them this video. While innovative equipment can make classes... Read more

Evolution of Dance – Fun Moves for Your PE Class

Are you looking for some dance moves to teach your class…or just something for the dance floor at your niece’s wedding? Check out this funny video as it tracks 5 decades of popular dance moves from the 50’s to the... Read more

Dance Walking – The Latest Fitness Craze

As the new school year begins, I thought we’d experiment with a new look for the PE Update blog. And to kick off our new look (which I may change at any minute, by the way) here’s a video demonstrating... Read more