Teachers Beware – Animal House is Now Ancient History

I had a visit from a former runner the other day. She was in her first year of university and told me that her social activities included parties at a fraternity house. In my own incredibly funny way, I asked... Read more

Obesity, Hunger, Inactivity and the Search for Hidden Answers

Some interesting questions about our perception of the causes of obesity, hunger and lack of activity. Read more

The “Fun Theory” is a Physical Education Staple

The “Fun Theory” is the idea that “something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.” It was an initiative of Volkswagen as a marketing tool to develop the image that their vehicles... Read more

Concussion Reference Card & an Excellent Concussion Blog

In the USA, more than 100,000 children visit the emergency room with a concussion every year. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many more concussions will be ignored or go undiagnosed. Athletes are particularly likely to just try... Read more

Where Are All the Soapbox Cars?

My most memorable childhood playthings weren’t factory-made. When I think back, I had the most fun swordfighting with poplar saplings, sliding down snowy slopes on cardboard boxes and playing battleships with homemade graph paper. I‘ll never forget our day-long sod... Read more

Physical Education Training Produces Better Academic Teachers

One thing about physical educators is that they realize the value of making lessons fun. They also realize that an active child is a child better able to learn. This often applies for those physical educators who teach academic subjects.... Read more