My Top-3 Reasons Why the NCAA Tournament is Better Than the NBA Playoffs

The NCAA basketball championship concludes tonight, and with it, one of the most enjoyable spectacles in sport. To me,  this three-weekend playoff is much more exciting than it’s professional counterpart. Here are my top-three reasons why the NCAA tournament is... Read more

PE Students Need Senior Citizen Role-Models

One of the primary goals of any physical education program is the development of our students’ ability to maintain an active lifestyle throughout their lives. I’m the beneficiary of my own school experience in PE and sport. I still play... Read more

Masters Basketball Differences

I play in one or two old-men’s basketball tournaments a year (known by the more politically correct as masters basketball tournaments). They are a lot of fun, and are a great way for us over-50 codgers to get a competitive... Read more

Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” Stands Up for Old Basketball Players

I play old-men’s pickup basketball with a crew that meets every Tuesday night during the winter. Our oldest members are in their 60’s and have been partaking of this weekly ritual for decades. But there are also some younger guys... Read more

Coaches Who “Work the Refs”

Boo hoo. My favourite teams in the NCAA basketball tournament are gone. My alma mater, Wisconsin, was hammered by my second favorite team, Cinderella squad, Davidson. Then on Sunday, Davidson was beaten by Kansas. However, an incident in the Stanford... Read more

Small Universities and March Madness

This is one of my favorite weekends in sports…the first weekend of March Madness. There are so many games televised that I don’t have to leave my LazyBoy for three solid days. I usually get the chance to cheer for... Read more