Pro Soccer Team Takes on 100 Schoolboys

It’s almost time for summer vacation here in North America. Traditionally, I stop posting bi-weekly blogs and newsletters during this period, to avoid sending emails to accounts that won’t be checked until next September. So, I’ll probably send a single... Read more

Two Football Trick Plays

With the college football bowl season proceeding in most areas of the U.S. and the NFL up and running, here are two trick plays that you’re not likely to see over the next few weeks. The first example, a goal-line... Read more

Inspirational Video for the Underdog – Beating the Odds

Does your team have an upcoming competition against an overwhelming favorite? Do they think they don’t stand a chance? Do you need a way to fire them up and get them to believe? Then have them watch this inspirational video,... Read more

Tennis Video is Inspirational for Female Athletes in Every Sport

Welcome back to school! If you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve just found an incredible tennis video, produced by the New York Times Magazine. With the U.S. Open tennis championships just over, it’s very timely. Called “The Beauty of the... Read more

Why the Olympics are So Addictive

The Winter Olympics are over, and if you’re like me, you’re feeling a huge void in your life! That’s particularly true here in Canada, where Olympaholics like myself became accustomed to following the Games in the mornings, at the office,... Read more

Women’s Teams, Bus Travel and Chick Flicks

Laurentian University, where I coach the women’s track and cross-country teams, is four hours north of Toronto, and most of our competition venues are at least that far away. (I also coach a track club, but that’s for other blog... Read more