Two Football Trick Plays

With the college football bowl season proceeding in most areas of the U.S. and the NFL up and running, here are two trick plays that you’re not likely to see over the next few weeks.

The first example, a goal-line play performed by Bethel College, is risky and may not be appropriate for you own team, but it definitely would confuse those defensive backs who “key” off the quarterback’s eyes (there’s no sound track on this video).

There’s another trick play you may have seen, in which the quarterback makes a comment about the ball, is handed the ball from the center,  walks through the line of scrimmage untouched, then makes a mad sprint to the goal line.

Here’s a psychological explanation of why the play works, as discussed by Christopher Chabris, professor of psychology at Union College.

(By the way, as a football fan, I was one-for-two last weekend. My alma mater, the University of Wisconsin lost the Rose Bowl, but my NFL team, the Green Bay Packers advanced to the playoffs…barely).


Dick Moss, Editor,

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