PaceTrek Program Gets Students Moving

If you’re looking for a way to motivate your students to walk or run on a regular basis, check out the website.  Founder Paul Staso has developed a series of events in which he takes students on a virtual... Read more

We Must Teach Students That Walking is a Form of Transportation

In most of the world, people walk to get places. They walk to school, they walk to work. If they don’t walk, they ride a bike. However, in North America, our car-culture has given us a generation of children who... Read more

Dance Walking – The Latest Fitness Craze

As the new school year begins, I thought we’d experiment with a new look for the PE Update blog. And to kick off our new look (which I may change at any minute, by the way) here’s a video demonstrating... Read more

The Paris Marathon’s Footsteps Generate Electricity

              It’s common knowledge that running is a high-impact sport. Approximately three times the runner’s weight is imparted into the ground on every step. And the legs impart energy as they push and pull... Read more