Dance Walking – The Latest Fitness Craze

As the new school year begins, I thought we’d experiment with a new look for the PE Update blog. And to kick off our new look (which I may change at any minute, by the way) here’s a video demonstrating the latest fitness craze.

OK, maybe not a “craze,” but this workout combines walking and dancing and can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels. And it can be performed anywhere with no special equipment, as long as you can play music. So your students can use it walking between classes (with apologies to your principal), to and from school, and to the corner store to pick up a loaf of bread.

Watch the later segments and you’ll see how group dance walking looks. It’s a great way to make an impression in your local downtown. And who knows, a dance walk around school grounds has all the elements you need for a fun PE class!

Have a great school year!


Dick Moss, Editor,

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