Two Football Trick Plays

With the college football bowl season proceeding in most areas of the U.S. and the NFL up and running, here are two trick plays that you’re not likely to see over the next few weeks. The first example, a goal-line... Read more

Football Games and the True Excitement in Sport

I’m a big NFL football fan. In particular (after having attended the University of Wisconsin for six years), a follower of the Green Bay Packers. To me, one of the consolations for Fall’s shorter days and colder temperatures is the... Read more

Officials Might be Tougher Than Athletes

Some of the National Football League games this weekend were conducted in blizzard conditions – it was exceptionally enjoyable watching them from in front of my fireplace on my LazyBoy chair. In the Buffalo versus Cleveland snow-bowl, you’d see the... Read more

Watching the Super Bowl With A Group of Girls

I usually don’t go to Super Bowl parties. In my experience, you never really get to watch the game in crowded room – there’s too much chit-chat to concentrate. However, last night, I made an exception. My university women’s track... Read more

He’s Not My Quarterback…He’s My Linebacker!

Is your football defense getting dominated up the middle and outrun around the ends? If so, maybe you have the wrong athletes playing linebacker. According to Sports Illustrated, the latest trend in defense is to emphasize speed over size when... Read more