Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

Physical education - Awkward Runner VideoAs a running coach, I see all sorts of technical errors in my runners. Especially from those who have patterned themselves after television or running magazines and THINK they are emulating those models.

In fact, what an athlete thinks they are doing often doesn’t match reality.

In this video, called “Don’t Be That Awkward Runner,” you’ll see some over-exaggerated, humorous examples. But the funny thing is, while exaggerated, I’ve encountered variations of every one of these awkward runners. For example, I’ve seen runners with unstable core, floppy arms, no arms, foot contact ahead of the center of mass, no arm action, heel contact first, over-wide stance, straight arms, over-exaggerated arm lift. All are exhibited in this video.

The video has labels for some of these running styles that may someday become part of the running coach’s lexicon: “the Geezer,” “the Dandy,” “the T-1000,” “the Flightless Bird,” “the Stiffy.”

Enjoy the video and whatever you do, don’t be a “Flightless Bird.”


Dick Moss, Editor,

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