Inspirational Video for the Underdog – Beating the Odds

Does your team have an upcoming competition against an overwhelming favorite? Do they think they don’t stand a chance? Do you need a way to fire them up and get them to believe?

Then have them watch this inspirational video, produced as a Nike advertisement in 2010.

Here’s a sample of the script:

“Just remember, out here, the results don’t always add up. No matter what the stats may say, no matter what the experts may think, and commentators may have predicted, when the race is on, all bets are off. Don’t be surprised if somebody decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling ‘Uncle.” And then suddenly, as the old saying goes, “We got ourselves a game.”

There’s just one caveat about the language. The video contains the phrase, “Just because they’re strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked.” That might not be appropriate for the classroom or for younger students.


Dick Moss, Editor,

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