Nothing’s Impossible – A Soccer Team Builds Its Own Field in a Floating Village

Here’s a video that has gone viral – it’s based on the true story of a group of boys who lived on a floating village off the coast of Thailand. The boys wanted to play soccer, but had no place to play. So, they built a playing field on a floating dock. The boys played barefoot on the hard boards of the dock and spent a lot of time fetching their ball from the water. However, this team eventually began to play tournaments on the mainland and found a secret to success that was linked to their primitive facilities. Today, the team is one of the best in Thailand.

The big lesson for your students is that you don’t need the best facilities to develop as athletes or as a team. The other lesson is that your athletes should never be intimated just because their opponents have better uniforms, equipment or come from a larger town or school. The fact is imperfect facilities often develop aspects of athleticism aren’t often missed by those who seem to have everything.


Dick Moss, Editor,

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