Free Cricket Equipment for U.S. Schools!

An Example of a Free Cricket Kit

Are you looking for a new sport to add variety to your physical education program? How about cricket!

While cricket has been played in the USA since the 1700’s, it hasn’t caught on the way it has in India and Pakistan where cricket fans are obsessed about the game the same way Americans are about football and baseball.

But it’s a fun game with some similarities to baseball, with pitching, catching and bat-swinging all part of the repertoire. Your students will love it once they try it!

The United States Youth Cricket Association has now partnered with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness to promote the sport of cricket to schools across the USA (sorry, non-American readers). The result is an offer that’s too good to refuse.

The USYCA Schools Program will now donate cricket equipment and instruction to any U.S. school without condition or requirements. That’s right. Free cricket equipment!!

All they ask is that the school or school system request that they be included in the program. They hope to place 500 cricket sets in 2011 and all you have to do is contact them to be a recipient of this largess – and, you’ll have to pay shipping. That’s only about $20 for a 30 pound case of four sets.

You can see more information at their website at:

Here’s a video that shows students at Whitehall Elementary School playing cricket in a school gym. Looks like a blast! Whitehall School Cricket

And here are some cricket instruction videos from the USYCA.


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