Get Out of Your Armchair Video Promotes the Benefits of Exercise

Here’s a funny video about the benefits of exercise and the disadvantages of inactivity. Produced by the European Commission and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), it’s titled “Go On, Get Out of Your Armchair.”

As you can see, those who have risen from their chairs have a considerable advantage in a soccer game (among other things).

Obesity and inactivity isn’t just a North American problem. It’s estimated that low levels of exercise are currently responsible for six of the seven leading risk factors for disease in Europe. The absence of physical exercise, coupled with unhealthy diet, has turned excessive weight into a major public health problem with over 50% of adults overweight or obese in EU countries. And it’s estimated that 22 million kids are overweight in the EU with this figure growing by 400,000 every year.


Dick Moss, Editor,

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