Irish Physical Activity Campaign

It’s not just North Americans who have begun to realize the importance of physical activity for children. Childhood obesity and inactivity is a phenomenon in every affluent, developed country in the world. Fortunately, some of these countries have launched public... Read more

New Sport – Bossaball

  Well, it’s July and summer vacation has just begun here in North  America. For those of you still checking PE Update, I thought I’d provide a video of a new sport that you’ll probably never be able to play... Read more

An Unreported Concussion Could Cost Your Season…or Your Entire Career

Here’s a video that discusses concussions and the necessity of reporting head injury symptoms right away. Athletes are often taught that they have to “tough it out” when injured, but unlike many other injuries, playing with a concussion can cost... Read more

The Paris Marathon’s Footsteps Generate Electricity

              It’s common knowledge that running is a high-impact sport. Approximately three times the runner’s weight is imparted into the ground on every step. And the legs impart energy as they push and pull... Read more

Florida Gulf Coast – A Lesson for Small-School Teams

Coaches everywhere, you don’t need the most talented team in the world, nor do you need to be the biggest school in your area to be successful and make a legitimate run when it comes to playoff time. All you... Read more