Booth at a Physical Education Convention

In Praise of Rubber Chickens

I had several reasons for starting this website (initially, a newsletter) back in the mid-eighties. One was that I love researching sports and fitness topics… another was…

Physical education - Awkward Runner Video

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

As a running coach, I see all sorts of technical errors in my runners. Especially from those who have patterned themselves after television or running magazines and…

The Healthy Eating Plate

Healthy Eating Plate Is a Better Version of MyPlate and the Food Pyramid

Back in June 2011, The U.S. government unveiled the “MyPlate” diagram, intended to give Americans a visual reminder for the proportions of the different components needed for…

Ellen's Dance Dare

Ellen’s Dance Dare Shows the Value of Chasing Your Dreams

This topic might seem like a bit of a stretch for a physical education blog, but, well…it does involve a varsity runner, dancing and goal-setting. It’s inspirational….

Ball Girl Uses Parkour Skills to Make a Spectacular Catch

On April 25, 2011, we posted a blog about how you can develop parkour skills in your gymnastics unit. Well, here’s video that shows a real-life way…

“Get Active” Videos – Keep Kids Active Over the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, a question many parents are asking themselves is, “with the holidays quickly approaching, how can I keep your children active when they are home from school?” It’s a good question for physical education teachers too.