Teachers Beware – Animal House is Now Ancient History

I had a visit from a former runner the other day. She was in her first year of university and told me that her social activities included parties at a fraternity house. In my own incredibly funny way, I asked... Read more

Broomball Block Party Brings a Neighborhood Together

The party was born during a meeting among several neighbors: a winter celebration to shake the winter blues and to meet the newcomers to the street (which included yours truly). Since my wife, Terry, a former physical education teacher turned... Read more

Physical Education Advocacy Video for School Decision-Makers

If you’re looking for an effective presentation to help you convince parents, school administrators and school board decision-makers about the need for physical education, check out this video. This short  4 1/2 minute YouTube video was produced by SPARK, a... Read more

Focus on Individual Activities Increases Physical Education Participation

Individual Activities for Physical Education
In Ontario, Canada, students are required to take physical education only in their first year of high school. That leaves three years in which secondary school students need not participate in PE. In most schools that results in a dramatic... Read more

In Praise of Rubber Chickens

Booth at a Physical Education Convention
I had several reasons for starting this website (initially, a newsletter) back in the mid-eighties. One was that I love researching sports and fitness topics… another was that I felt comfortable with the clientele. Heck, I even went so far... Read more

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

Physical education - Awkward Runner Video
As a running coach, I see all sorts of technical errors in my runners. Especially from those who have patterned themselves after television or running magazines and THINK they are emulating those models. In fact, what an athlete thinks they... Read more