Two Concussion Resources for School Sports & PE Classes

Concussion Pocket Card
Concussion Pocket Card

With Fall sports about to begin, the opportunities for concussions begin as well. Some sports carry an inherent risk of concussions: football, hockey, soccer, field hockey, rugby, flag football, gymnastics and more. And any PE class holds risks. All it takes is a trip and a fall, and a concussion could occur.

So, I thought it appropriate to provide you with two excellent resources about concussions. One is a website from South Africa that provides articles about the latest concussion research, recent news articles, and tips for management of concussions. Perhaps most valuable is an extensive concussion toolkit that will help you take the correct steps after a suspected concussion. I really like the pocket card you can print and carry with you, or place in your first aid kit. Thanks to South African reader, David Flax, for bringing this resource to my attention.

The second resource was sent to me by Andrew from a high school club called “Teens 4 Safety.” It’s actually a website from a car insurance calculator, but it provides an eye-opening look at the seriousness of the concussions that can occur in contact sports. It does this by comparing the forces involved, plus the frequency and severity of sports concussions with the injuries sustained in auto accidents. It uses a graphic format that is fun to read and should attract the attention of your students. Here’s the link

Good luck with the new school year and here’s hoping you make it though the year concussion-free!!



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