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Graduation_webIn our February 8, 2010 blog, I discussed the problems that occur when high school administrators schedule prom and graduation ceremonies on the same day as championship sports events.

(See “High School Graduation & Sport Championship Conflicts. Can’t They Be Avoided?“).

This conflict forces student-athletes to decide between the culminating competition of their high school athletic career and the traditional coming-of-age event they’ve long dreamed of sharing with family and friends. It can be a difficult decision.

One of my track coaching friends encountered this situation several years ago. Four girls from his 4 x 100m relay team were provincial contenders and opted to attend the championship despite the fact that it required two members of the team to miss their prom and graduation ceremony.

So the coach concocted a surprise to acknowledge and compensate them for their sacrifice. He sent several teammates to a dollar store – they returned with decorations and did up a hotel room in a prom-on-the-road theme that included a disco ball, banners, flowers, corsages and even sashes for the two graduates.

The girls were ushered into the darkened room and the coach turned on music, focused a flashlight on the disco ball and voila – prom night!

It was a ceremony fit for two special student-athletes, created by a special, caring teacher and coach.


Dick Moss, Editor,

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