Outward Appearances Can Belie the Talents Within

In the “Looks Can be Deceptive” category. Never discount a person, no matter how feeble or unassuming they may appear. This video shows a tiny old lady participating in a talent show. She’s 80 years of age, can barely walk, doesn’t hear too well and her hands shake as she is holding the microphone.

Then, when she sings, she absolutely fills the room with her voice. This is the “Britain’s Got Talent” video of Janey Cutler. Be sure to watch the video right to the end to hear her really belt it out.

This video provides a teaching point for young people: never discount that elderly person using a walker; the street person sleeping on a park bench or even fellow students in physical education class who can’t catch a ball or sink a foul shot. Those people may have talents in other areas that would put yours to shame.

And for those students whose abilities don’t lie on the courts or in the gym. Make sure you encourage them to develop the other talents they have hidden within!



Dick Moss, Editor,
PE Update.com

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