One Field, Three Sports


Last week, I witnessed a great example of the optimal use of facilities and cooperation between sports teams.

Lockerby Composite is a high school of about 1000 students within the city of Sudbury, Ontario. While the school has a great sports tradition, its outdoor facilities are limited to a single football field, bordered by houses, a rock outcrop, a parking lot and the back walls of the school itself.  It also has a small asphalt tennis court, bordered by a strip of grass separating the court from a busy street.

What I witnessed last week were two varsity practices and an inter-school competition all conducted simultaneously on these limited facilities.

The senior boys varsity football team was practicing on one half of the football field, while the girls flag football squad was running drills on the other half. At the same time, an inter-school cross-country race was being run, starting on the strip of grass beside the tennis court and running loops around several city blocks before finishing in the end zone of the football field. Three coaches, three varsity teams, all successfully sharing the same facility. You obviously don’t need Cadillac facilities to get it done. Way to go, Lockerby!

By the way,  this blog will continue as a bi-weekly from now on. We began as a weekly but went bi-weekly over the summer months. Feedback was so good that we’ll continue publishing every second week. Sometimes PE teachers have so much information thrown at them that keeping up becomes a chore.


Dick Moss, Editor,

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