Our New Blog Mandate Now Includes Swamp Soccer

Swamp Soccer
Swamp Soccer

With PE Update.com’s recent change in format (new articles are now shown for free on our homepage for several weeks before being placed into our archives), our Fun Stuff for PE newsletter has also changed, focusing on informing readers about those new article additions.

So, this blog will be expanding its mandate. We’ll continue to provide opinion and commentary on the physical education, sports and fitness world. But we’ll also provide you with links to free resources and fun videos that relate to sport and PE.

Here’s an example.

Are you looking for a great way to improve your soccer players’ fitness and strength…to take advantage of that muddy bog that has become your playground field because of recent rains…to make every laundry-washing parent in your class ready to do you bodily harm?

Then play mud soccer in your next PE class or soccer practice.

It was originally developed in Finland by cross-country skiers who needed a way to stay fit in the summer months (I’d call it dry-land training, but that’s really not appropriate).  Their league has grown from seven teams to 170 in just three years and concludes with a championship tournament.

It’s regular soccer but played on a smaller field (usually 30m x 60m) and in shin-deep mud. Lifting the legs in shoe-sucking mud is resistance work at it’s best and will give your students a super workout. Their parents will also get a great workout as they chase you down the street and out of town.

You can see a video of Finnish swamp soccer at this link: (viewer alert, there is a brief glance of some bare bottoms in the video…apparently those players’ parents were tired of doing laundry).

A Scottish version is here:


Dick Moss, Editor,
PE Update.com

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