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Yoga_web1When we think of physical education classes, we automatically envision students exercising in a gym. However, the reality is that many teachers don’t have a gymnasium in which to work. That leaves them with the challenge of finding activities that students can perform in their classroom.

Three PE articles that describe in-class physical education activities are: Non-Elimination Musical Chairs, Fitness Breaks, and Favourite Sports Routines.

However, the Alberta Centre for Active Living has another option…yoga! That’s right, yoga can be performed while sitting at a desk or standing in your office, and this website provides videos that show you how.

The Free Yoga Videos

The videos are free and can be downloaded to your computer (“.wmv” version) or played immediately on your computer screen using the “.mov” version.

How to Apply

You can try to memorize the routines or set up the computer so you can watch them while leading your students. You may even be able to use audio-visual equipment to show the routines directly to your students. The downloadable version are larger than their “streaming” counterpart and can be expanded to screen-size. There will be some loss of quality, but the videos are still viewable.

Not only does desktop yoga qualify as a physical education activity, it can be a great tool for when your students need to calm down and focus.

Video Link

See the videos at:
Office Yoga


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