Spring is a Time of Contrast in Canada


Early Spring in Canada is a time of contrast. Here are some examples that I witnessed this weekend:

Canada geese, disappointed after their long flight from the south, circling overhead, searching for open water. But the lakes are still frozen. Later, I saw the same geese walking around on the middle of a lake, honking like crazy. It was probably Mrs. Goose telling Mr. Goose, “I TOLD you it was too early to leave Florida. But you never listen!”

A track team turned into a work party, shoveling the last of the snow off the inside lanes of the track.

Students walking around in flip-flops and T-shirts. Others wearing parkas.

A cross-country skier flying along the trails, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses…and a toque.

Spring is good. But there are disadvantages. With the days getting longer, early morning joggers are now identifiable as they pound down the streets. As one friend put it, “I don’t like that people can see me when I’m running. Now I have to brush my hair when I get up.”


Dick Moss, Editor,
PE Update.com

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