Pro Soccer Team Takes on 100 Schoolboys

It’s almost time for summer vacation here in North America. Traditionally, I stop posting bi-weekly blogs and newsletters during this period, to avoid sending emails to accounts that won’t be checked until next September. So, I’ll probably send a single... Read more

Outward Appearances Can Belie the Talents Within

In the “Looks Can be Deceptive” category. Never discount a person, no matter how feeble or unassuming they may appear. This video shows a tiny old lady participating in a talent show. She’s 80 years of age, can barely walk,... Read more

“He Called On It All” – A Motivational Video for Track Athletes

It’s track and field championship season. If you’re looking for a video to motivate your runners, check this out. It’s not a high quality production, but it’s set to music and the message is great. It’s called “He Called on... Read more

Parkour Can Spice Up Your Gymnastics Unit

Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK) is a sport in which participants use a variety of gymnastics, tumbling and balance moves to run quickly through an urban environment. Participants negotiate obstacles by jumping, vaulting, swinging, climbing and scaling walls. While Parkour... Read more

Sun and Mud and a Spring Day and Just Having Fun

At last! After long winter months of running in school hallways. After endless hurdle drills on linoleum and cement. After dreary, dark training runs on icy roads—Spring had sprung. We were finally the recipients of a beautiful, sunny Spring day,... Read more

Some Team Nicknames Are Far From Intimidating

Ferocious, tenacious, aggressive, fierce, proud. These are the qualities we usually associate with our sports teams. As coaches, we want the very mention of our team’s name to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. We want them sitting in... Read more